Quote Challenge – #1

I’ve been nominated by Niki over at The Richness of a Simple Life to participate in a challenge. I must say, I was super excited to receive the invite and love the idea of sharing some of my favourite quotes that will hopefully add a little something for people to reflect on.  The idea is to post a new quote every day for three consecutive days. Today being my first day I’ve select the below:


I love the simplicity of this. But the message it conveys is so much more important. To me it’s about kindness towards others. Putting someone else before yourself, being giving and generous of yourself. We all go through ups and downs and sometimes all it takes is for someone else to offer a kind word of support and encouragement to help us get through the difficult times. It costs us nothing to do this for someone else but it can make all the difference to them. Be that little ray of sunshine that brightens another’s world by making them smile 🙂

Part of the challenge is for me to nominate three other bloggers to participate. I’m not entirely comfortable with that so … I’m going to recommend three blogs that I’ve really enjoyed. If those bloggers mentioned below would like to participate, then by all means hit me with your best quotes! The rules, should you choose to join in, are as follows:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

So, today’s lucky winners are:

Mark at Fonz and Cancer

Jenny at A Life Less Ordinary

Rachel at Life beyond Mommy


17 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – #1”

      1. I agree, I have made more friends on here than in my whole adult life… it is so much easier to spark conversation with people that you know you have things in common with by just reading their blogs… 😮

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    1. Thanks, Annette 🙂 you’re right actually, the message about kindness is pretty accurate. I’m struggling with unkind thoughts today, so thank you for drawing my attention back to it … I need to refocus & leave anger at the door. Hope you’re having a great week x

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