Quote Challenge – #3

So, it’s my final day for the quote challenge I was nominated for by Niki over at The Richness of a Simple Life and my final quote is my favourite of all time:


This sums up the great adventure that is life. It is about having the courage to let go, to step outside our comfort zone and experience new things. To be fearless and live a full life free from regret. For me personally, this is the greatest of all advice and something I try to take to heart and live by.

Part of the challenge is for me to nominate three other bloggers to participate. I’m not entirely comfortable with that so … I’m going to recommend three blogs that I’ve really enjoyed reading. If those mentioned below would like to join in, then by all means, hit me with your best quotes! The rules should you choose to participate are as follows:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

So, today’s lucky winners are:



The Trailhead


14 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – #3”

  1. I love this quote, Kim. It sums up how I feel about travel and life in general. Our time here is way too short to not get out and explore, dream and move out of our comfort zones. For me it’s all about making the most of every single day. Have a great Tuesday.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely quote, Kim. Thank you for nominating me. The most important part of the quote, for me, is the “explore” part. Dreaming doesn’t lead to discovery without the exploration factor.

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  3. I love this quote! Whenever I make a choice I think, what will I think about this in 50 years? Will it be something I can tell my grandchildren about or something I’ll regret having passed up? I love to travel so we are saving to be able to take advantage of special offers to plan family trips around deals because those will be memories that last a lifetime. Great quote to end the challenge on! Thanks for accepting Kim!

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    1. Thanks for the nomination, Niki. Was harder than I thought to narrow it down to just three meaningful quotes.
      Glad you liked this one! I think regret is an awful thing to live with, so your idea of being mindful about your decisions and the impact they’ll have 50 years from now is wonderful 🙂

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      1. Of course! I’m so glad that our paths have crossed even if only in a virtual way. So refreshing to converse with like minded people 🙂 Yes, I think at the end of the day it would be terrible to look back and think what if and if only. I want to try to finish the race thinking thank goodness and I’d do it again in a heartbeat 🙂

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