How Smiling Contributes To Our Happiness

I loved this post, it captures the power of a smile so well! And it summed up my day. I had an appointment with my doctor today, who just happens to be located at the international airport in my city … As soon as I walk into that terminal, I’m beaming. I’m smiling from ear to ear and I can’t help myself because I love all the good things that come with airports. And I look around, and everyone I make eye contact with is smiling right back. I may be sick as a dog but geez, a smile or two is the best medicine!!

Hello Lovely


We all love seeing people smile. We all love making people smile. It’s a fundamental human trait. It’s also highly infectious and seeing someone smile causes us to react with our own grin even if it’s with a stranger.

Smiling is something we did often as children – smiling, laughing, playing and just being in the moment and enjoying it. I think I read somewhere that children laugh and smile around 200-300 times a day while adults, on average, only smile around 20 times. What the hell happened?! I guess many would say that life happened. Stress, worry, anxiety happened – everything that comes with modern life and ‘adulting’.

Everyone knows smiling is good for us – we release those feel-good endorphins and we all know these help us to feel happier and less stressed. There are numerous other benefits too – a hearty laugh exercises the body and stretches…

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