I was going to take everyone to a new destination today. I realise I haven’t done many (or should I say, any) posts on my travels in Europe or the USA. I had though Yosemite would be an excellent first post on the States. But alas, as minds often do, my has changed course. I’ve been thinking about that little “word” – YOLO. Now, anyone who has read my post titled On the subject of LOL has probably picked up that I’m not a fan of these acronyms that pop up so frequently. Nevertheless, let’s examine the meaning of YOLO …

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. It’s not a phrase I particularly like. And if you are someone who believes in reincarnation, then the saying is clearly not applicable! I’ve heard another counter-argument to this saying too, the anti-YOLO if you like. The founding concept of which is that we have opportunities within this “one life” to live many. We can make decisions and change the path of our journey, and end up with a completely different life to the one we started out with. Interesting perspective. Many lives within one. Clearly others interpret YOLO as meaning that we only get one shot at life so we best make the most of it. If this is the case, I prefer the saying “life’s short”. That I like. That I can relate to.

Lets look at the YOLO and anti-YOLO view in relation to travel. Part of why I travel so much is because I want to see the world. I want to see as many wonderful places as I can before I die, or before frail old age or ill health mean I’m unable to travel. You could say, I’m cramming everything into one life … #YOLO. But say, eventually, I decide to move to some other country for a while. To settle somewhere, immerse myself as a local in a new culture, make new connections, build a new life – and there you have the anti-YOLO. Yes, technically it’s the same body but it’s a completely different life. Or so the line of thought for the anti-YOLO supporter goes.

Can you see both sides of the argument and open your mind to the two opinions? Do you lean towards one more than the other? Or do you think that a combination of the two is where the truth of life can be found? I think I’m in the middle … life is too short to waste but I can live more than one in my brief time here 🙂

This post is part of my contribution to the A-Z Challenge for April 2016

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15 thoughts on “YOLO”

  1. I’m learning so many new words on your site, Kim! I feel old. I’m not sure if I had heard of YOLO before. It’s vaguely familiar. I don’t believe in reincarnation so yeah part of me thinks I should make the most of the moment. And I know I wouldn’t have done so many things if I hadn’t travelled and believed. But, I don’t like the idea that you only live once. Might make you want to do crazy stuff. Which is OK. To each his/her own I guess. 🙂

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    1. I know the feeling, Cheryl! Learning all these new words, which actually turn out to be something our generation maybe knew by another name 🙂
      You seem to have a similar view to me. It’s an interesting concept to think about! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend 😊

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  2. I have heard and seen the term YOLO before (especially used by the youngest generation), but forgot the meaning. Or never knew? I am not a fan of acronyms either. I find the two perspectives very interesting, though, and agree with both of them. You do, physically, only live once. But, I am with you. During this lifetime, I feel like I have lived many lives and will continue to do so. I call them my lifestyles, and they change as we evolve and feel like it. Teenager, college kid, backpacker, real employee for a few years, camper, first time boater, camper again, sailor, house and pet sitter. I love all of my lives and change them as seen fit. 🙂

    Liesbet @ roamingabout.com.

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    1. I actually thought of you and all the different paths your life has taken when I was writing this. It seemed the perfect example of living many lives in one!
      I think a mixture of both perspectives is probably the most relatable for many people.

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