Snapshot … Zambezi River

Well, here I am. It’s the final post of the A-Z Challenge for April 2016. I can’t believe I made it and that I managed to post something for every letter! The trick now will be not to stop writing. Anyway, for my final challenge post I wanted to write about a place that symbolised an ending for me. As I’ve mentioned before, my first trip to southern Africa was in August 2013. The tour I was on finished in Livingstone, Zambia and although I flew back down to South Africa and spent a week in Kruger National Park and Johannesburg, the main portion of the trip ended in Livingstone. So that is where I will end my challenge …

My last night in Livingstone was spent in a lovely hotel called The Waterfront on the banks of the Zambezi river. The Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa and winds its way through six countries: Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. On my final evening, I watched a Springbok vs Wallabies rugby game with my friend & guide, J, … the results of which we shall ignore … before he & I boarded a boat for a river cruise along the Zambezi. The boat departs from the hotel itself around 4pm and heads along the Zambezi for several hours. There is a light meal provided, just help yourself to whatever you feel like eating, and there is an open bar which is perfect for sundowners on the river (sundowners meaning drinks while watching the sunset). So … as the sun sets on my challenge, so it did on the beautiful Zambezi …


This post makes up part of my contribution to the A-Z Challenge for April 2016

Click here for a list and links to my other challenge posts! Thank you for joining me!


56 thoughts on “Snapshot … Zambezi River”

  1. What a wonderful ending to your challenge, Kim. Beautiful sunset photos as well. I love the symbolism in your last post. During the challenge, I found myself posting a sunset photo at the end of a few posts as well. I wonder what that is about… šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! We made it šŸ˜€ looking forward to seeing your final challenge post … And then whatever may come next!Interesting question, Liesbet! I don’t know if it’s just that sunsets are so beautiful or maybe it symbolises something about endings and beginnings.

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  2. Saved the best until last. These are the best shots- I love bodies of water. Yes, well done. I still have x,y and z to do. So not sure I am going to make it this time. I have a one off jazz challenge post I want to do by sunday. Please don’t stop writing. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Daisy! I’m with you … I love bodies of water and sunsets, so the two together is paradise šŸ˜Š
      You’ll get there! Three of the hardest letters to finish! I’ll keep writing if you do šŸ‘šŸ¼


    1. Thank you so much! I quite liked the idea of the sun setting on the monthly challenge and these are some of my favourite sunset photos so … I guess they were meant to go together šŸ˜Š


  3. What amazing photos Kim (us usual) and a wonderful way to end the challenge. I’ve absolutely loved all your posts and traveling virtually with you on this challenge. Cheers to you my friend. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend! For your kind words and for reading my posts. It’s been a pleasure sharing travel tales with everyone. I shall keep it up too (although not so many posts a week!). šŸ˜Š

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  4. What a nice photography. I like sunset and the river too. The combination makes me feel so connected with this. Very nice theam you have chosen for this challenge.

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  5. The photograph of the red sky at sunset is hauntingly good. I see photographs like that I fill with wonder that such scenes are possible in nature. Where I live, we rarely get sunsets that are as richly colored as that one turned out to be. Great capture.

    And I’ll second many of your other readers by saying thanks for sharing this experience. The challenge really seems to have given you a valuable opportunity to go back in time and rediscover a very meaningful series of excursions into the wider world.

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    1. Thanks, Patrick. It’s been fun going back and sharing little bits of my travels with everyone. I don’t seem to get much opportunity to talk travel in other social circles, so this has been refreshing.
      I can relate to what you’ve said about the richness of these sunsets. They are indeed both awe-inspiring and humbling in their beauty šŸ˜Š

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      1. If you haven’t yet, you really must connect with Hannah Kenway at She puts up posts frequently about her travels, and she writes really, really well about the places she visits, the people, the sights, and more recently about what travel means and feels like and why we value it today. Really good stuff. If you’re interested in connecting with others who write and care about travels of the kind you explored, I’d highly recommend heading over to her blog. She’s a genuinely good person to get to know, too. You two would hit it off, I think.

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  6. Super lovely captures, Kim. Must have been an amazing ride as I can sense it from the pictures.
    And congratulations on finishing up the A to Z challenge. Every entry by you was superb!

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  7. Yay! congratulations for completing this challenge! It must feel great! You can have a mini e book for this! šŸ™‚ I liked reading your post. I noticed you used many dots in this, which I often do when I remember something very dearly and want to convey that the actual feelings are more profound than I am able to convey through words.. Maybe you too had felt the same- a feeling when you are ending a long journey.You wrote about the last day of a journey and it was also the last day of the wonderful challenge you completed! Beautiful! Congrats! keep writing! šŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Niki! Thank you! I’ve just been having a little digital detox, stepping away from the computer for a couple of weeks šŸ˜€ I’ll be back into it & writing up some new posts this weekend though xx

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