CB&W: Letters Q and R

The theme this week for Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge is something beginning with Q and/or R. I’ve opted to submit a photo for each … I know, pretty daring. What can I say? I like to live on the edge.

So, for Q: Quiet Solitude. This photo was taken at Deadvlei in Namibia. The man in shot is a friend of mine. He was also the tour leader for the trip I was on … and it would be his last trip. He was “retiring” from the guiding life and embarking on new adventures. Knowing this … I often wonder what he was thinking, sitting there. Alone in the desert. For perhaps the last time. Surrounded by nature at her most majestic, what thoughts were whispering through the quiet of his mind …


Now, for R: it’s some rail lines! Rather unsurprising. This particular set are located at Seeheim in Namibia. There’s basically nothing at Seeheim anymore … except a phenomenally amazing “castle”. Well, it’s not a castle, just a big ol’ stone hotel that has more quirks and character that you can imagine. And an Oryx as a pet. Heading off for an afternoon stroll, across this rail line, which was originally put in during an old gold rush, we peer down into the river below to watch the monkeys play and pop out on the other side among the ruins of stone cottages. Seeheim is wonderful … peaceful, desolate, isolated and with the biggest, clearest sky full of stars!



11 thoughts on “CB&W: Letters Q and R”

    1. Thanks, Miriam. I love that photo. I’ve always found it triggers some kind of emotional reaction for me – I think maybe it’s something about his body language and that he appears so lost in his thoughts that he’s oblivious to the beauty of the scenery around him.

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