Ypres …

The observant among you will have noticed this post isn’t headed up “Snapshot – Ypres”. That’s because despite having been to Belgium back in 1996, I didn’t visit the city of Ypres (Or Ieper in French). So why am I writing about it? This city is important in the story of who I am. But for a bullet, fired in 1915, I may not be where I am (or perhaps even who I am) today. This post is about how the trajectory of a life and the generations that follow can turn on the smallest of events. Continue reading “Ypres …”

Life lessons

I’m stepping away from travel for today’s post and looking at the idea of life lessons. In a way this follows on from my post last week on family. When my cousin, E, had her kitchen tea a couple of months ago one of the things she asked guests to do was write down some words of advice or life lessons for her prior to embarking on married life. So I’m going to run with that today and share a few: Continue reading “Life lessons”

That special F word … 

I’m taking a break from the travel posts today. The A-Z challenge letter for today is F and although I could write about Fethiye or Florence or some wonderful destination, I’ve got family on my mind. There’s a very simple reason why … Last Friday, on April Fools Day, one of my cousin got married. Quite typical of my family to pick a date like that for a wedding!

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Continue reading “That special F word … “

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