CB&W: Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

I haven’t written for a long time but I happened to stumble across Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge for this week and the theme grabbed my attention. So, here’s an entry or three for Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles. Taken in 2015 in a little town call Solitaire in the middle of nowhere in Namibia. There are a plethora Continue reading “CB&W: Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles”


CB&W: Letters W or X

The theme foe Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge this week is Letters W or X. I didn’t have anything that could do for X, so I’ve tried to double up for W. As in, one photo with two W’s in it. So …. here is a winding dirt road through the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan! One of my favourite places on earth – it’s a landscape photographer’s dream! Continue reading “CB&W: Letters W or X”

CFFC: All One Colour

Here’s my submission for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All One Colour. I had to go with blue, purely because it’s my favourite colour. This photo was taken on a photographic day trip during my visit to Cape Town in August 2015. I was standing at the lighthouse at the Cape Point, looking back towards the mountainous shore. The lesson, for this shot, from the photographer who accompanied us on the day was how to get away from AWB and manually adjust our white balance. Continue reading “CFFC: All One Colour”

CFFC: Isolated Subjects

Hello all! I’m still here! I haven’t gone and done and disappearing act again like I did after last year’s A-Z 🙂 But I am struggling with finding time to devote to writing and reading … and I envisage it’ll remain a struggle this month as I grapple with some major projects at work. So for the duration of May I may be sporadic with posting. Having said that, I couldn’t let Cee’s latest Fun Foto challenge pass by without submitting a photo. The theme is Isolated Subjects and I had a photo that I thought fit well. Continue reading “CFFC: Isolated Subjects”

CB&W: Letters S or T

Time for another of Cee’s Black and White Photography Challenges! This week is looking at things starting with the letters S and/or T. And I have a submission for both …  Continue reading “CB&W: Letters S or T”

A-Z Challenge Reflections (2017)

And so the 2017 A-Z Challenge has come to an end! This was my second year participating and to be honest I wasn’t even entirely sure that I was going to attempted it this year. I didn’t make that decision until the last minute. I mean, I had a list of what I would write about for each letter but I hadn’t committed in my heart until the last second. As a result, I struggled more this year. My time management for writing and scheduling posts was a bit of a mess (totally uncharacteristic of me) and I felt the pressure this time, unlike 2016. Continue reading “A-Z Challenge Reflections (2017)”


I was super excited to see Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week had the theme of “sky”. Seriously, if it’s possible to have an addiction to photographing sunsets – then I have it. I was looking through my photos and there must be hundreds of photos of them. Now, I realise the theme this week doesn’t specify “sunset sky” – any sky will do. But if I start including every shot I have of the sky … we’ll all be here a very, very long time. And I know you are all busy people with lives outside the blogosphere. So I will resist the temptation to flood your day with a million skies and give you a few. Okay, quite a few. Feel free to let me know which are your favourites! Continue reading “CFFC: Sky”

Zealous Traveller

Drum roll please!! Guess what? We’ve made it to the end of the April 2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge! Phew!! And wasn’t that a whole lot of hard work. But ultimately it’s been a great way to get back into writing and I’ve come across some wonderful new blogs and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everything I missed from my original blogging friends. So, to Z. I didn’t want to do a specific destination for this post. I was looking back over the posts I’ve written, not just for challenges but in general, and I have to say it’s heavy on the travel. You could say it is a testament to my zeal for discovery. I figured, what better way to end the challenge then than by looking at why I travel. Continue reading “Zealous Traveller”

Ypres …

The observant among you will have noticed this post isn’t headed up “Snapshot – Ypres”. That’s because despite having been to Belgium back in 1996, I didn’t visit the city of Ypres (Or Ieper in French). So why am I writing about it? This city is important in the story of who I am. But for a bullet, fired in 1915, I may not be where I am (or perhaps even who I am) today. This post is about how the trajectory of a life and the generations that follow can turn on the smallest of events. Continue reading “Ypres …”


Okay, so we all know X is probably the most dreaded letter in this A-Z Challenge. Am I right or am I right? Show of hands … who automatically thinks X-Ray and tries to come up with a remotely interesting story about one? Yep. Me too. I got lucky last year (not in that sense, focusing on the writing challenge here people) – I wrote about Xenophobia. Basically it’s a dislike of people from a foreign country and it seemed a valid travel related subject matter. So I figured I’d just flip in around and look at the opposite: Xenomania. Continue reading “Xenomania”

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