A-Z Challenge Reflections

As you may have noticed from my previous post … I’ve had a little absence from my blog. Just a fortnight away to refresh and unwind, clear the head and concentrate on some “real life” things, relax and reflect … basically what you would call a digital detox. It is actually something that I’ll do from time to time, just to get some perspective. I figured that following the month long A-Z Challenge – I was in need of some downtime!

SO … the big question, how did I find the challenge? Continue reading “A-Z Challenge Reflections”

Snapshot … Zambezi River

Well, here I am. It’s the final post of the A-Z Challenge for April 2016. I can’t believe I made it and that I managed to post something for every letter! The trick now will be not to stop writing. Anyway, for my final challenge post I wanted to write about a place that symbolised an ending for me. As I’ve mentioned before, my first trip to southern Africa was in August 2013. The tour I was on finished in Livingstone, Zambia and although I flew back down to South Africa and spent a week in Kruger National Park and Johannesburg, the main portion of the trip ended in Livingstone. So that is where I will end my challenge … Continue reading “Snapshot … Zambezi River”


I was going to take everyone to a new destination today. I realise I haven’t done many (or should I say, any) posts on my travels in Europe or the USA. I had though Yosemite would be an excellent first post on the States. But alas, as minds often do, my has changed course. I’ve been thinking about that little “word” – YOLO. Now, anyone who has read my post titled On the subject of LOL has probably picked up that I’m not a fan of these acronyms that pop up so frequently. Nevertheless, let’s examine the meaning of YOLO … Continue reading “YOLO”


Oh! I can’t tell you how happy I was to find something to write about for the letter X! I won’t lie, it’s been stressing me out. I was all over the place … from x-rays to x-men to “X marks the spot”. Then I was thinking of being cheeky and heading down the road of Xtreme sports or some other misspelling. I have a confession to make though … I even considering kind of cheating. Continue reading “Xenophobia”

Snapshot … Wadi Rum

Heading back to a country which ranks as one of my favourites today … Jordan. Those of you who read the comments section of my post on the beautiful, ancient rose city of Petra would have noticed that I said Petra is my second favourite spot in Jordan. The first place goes to Wadi Rum. As mentioned previously I spent about 8 days in Jordan in 2008. Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is located in the southwestern corner of Jordan. Continue reading “Snapshot … Wadi Rum”

Snapshot … Victoria Falls

I’m off to Zambia for today’s post and a visit to Victoria Falls! Yes, I know … back on the African continent again. Victoria Falls is a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, so travellers can visit the falls from either country. I was staying in Livingstone, in Zambia and was only a few minutes drive from Victoria Falls. The falls were named for Queen Victoria in 1855 by Scottish explorer/missionary David Livingstone. The official name however is Mosi-oa-Tunya (which means the Smoke that Thunders) and been used by local tribes for centuries.  Continue reading “Snapshot … Victoria Falls”

Snapshot … Uluru

Following my first Australian post a couple of weeks ago on Kakadu, I’ve decided what better time to do another on my homeland. Today’s travel destination is Uluru/Ayers Rock which is a large rock formation located in the centre of Australia in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Personally, I love the idea of this massive red rock, sitting in the middle of nowhere like the heart of my country (reminds me of my favourite poem, which I’ll share with you shortly). I’ve visited Uluru/Ayers Rock a couple of times – the first being back in 1986 and then again in 2000. And I’d love to return again!  Continue reading “Snapshot … Uluru”

T is for Travel, but it’s also for Train Wreck … 

I’ll be honest, I’ve been really looking forward to writing something for the A-Z Challenge today. It’s time for the letter T. Those of you who have read my blog before will know that I’m an avid traveller. I love it. It’s my greatest passion! So it should be no surprise that Travel, and why I adore it, was to be the subject up for discussion today. That’s right … I said “was”. I’m going on a completely different tangent. In my recent post on Journeys my friend Cheryl, over at Two Brown Feet, commented that she loves to travel by subway. My response was that I avoid trains (or anything resembling a train) like the plague. I’m going to explain why I don’t like trains … Continue reading “T is for Travel, but it’s also for Train Wreck … “

Snapshot … Sukhothai

I’m a little short on time today, so my A-Z Challenge post will be very photo heavy. Letter of the day is S. You’d think that coming from Sydney this would be an easy choice for me. I mean, my home city is beautiful so why wouldn’t I write about it?! And I will … just not today. Truth be told I don’t take my camera out with me when I’m home. This is a situation I should rectify and believe me, I keep reminding myself that I need to get out and take some photos of Sydney in all her glory. Continue reading “Snapshot … Sukhothai”

Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel

One post on Egypt just wasn’t enough, so following on from my post on the beautiful Island Temple of Isis at Philae, today I’m returning to look back on one of the most spectacular sites I’ve ever visited and the man responsible for it development, Ramses II or Ramses The Great. Born around 1303 BC, Ramses was Pharaoh of Egypt from 1279 BC until his death in 1213 BC. Like most pharaohs he was buried in the Valley of the Kings but his mummified body is housed today in the Cairo Museum. As an aside, if you ever visit Cairo, please don’t miss out on viewing the mummies! I’m no Egyptologist (although I’ll certainly love to work on a dig side over there!) but I believe Ramses was one Continue reading “Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel”

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