That special F word … 

I’m taking a break from the travel posts today. The A-Z challenge letter for today is F and although I could write about Fethiye or Florence or some wonderful destination, I’ve got family on my mind. There’s a very simple reason why … Last Friday, on April Fools Day, one of my cousin got married. Quite typical of my family to pick a date like that for a wedding!

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Continue reading “That special F word … “

Snapshot … Ephesus

Time for a change of travel destination for today’s post … how does Turkey sound? Good? Excellent! I’m glad we all agree. Given that today requires me to write about something starting with E, let’s start at Ephesus. As someone who has a Masters in history, any site, anywhere in the world, that can give me a dose of something historical is going to be on my bucket list. Although, technically speaking, I don’t actually have a bucket list because frankly, anywhere I haven’t been would be on it 🙂 But I digress … Continue reading “Snapshot … Ephesus”

Dance … the other universal language?

So I was originally going to do another travel Snapshot today for the A-Z Challenge (I was thinking about posting on DaNang in Vietnam) but then whilst flipping through my travel photos I started to notice something else … videos! For some reason I always skip over the videos. Which is ridiculous … I’ve watched so many today and they have transported me back to that time and place in a way the photos just can’t. I confess, its got me a little teary and emotional (in a good way, don’t worry!) reminiscing about some great experiences. Continue reading “Dance … the other universal language?”

Snapshot … Chobe

As some of you will no doubt be aware by now, I’m participating in the A-Z Challenge this month. Given that today’s post must be about something starting with C and in light of my previous posts on Kruger & Etosha, I thought I’d cover yet another national park. This time it’s Chobe N.P in Botswana. Located in the north of the country, Chobe is just under
12,000 square kilometres in size. Which makes it significantly smaller than the previous Continue reading “Snapshot … Chobe”

Snapshot … Boulders Beach

Following on from my recent travel snapshots on Namibia and South Africa, I thought I’d look at place I visited there that didn’t revolve around safaris or landscapes. So today, I’m talking about Boulders Beach. Boulders Beach is located south of Cape Town, right down near the Cape Peninsula. It’s situated just near the seaside village of Simon’s Town. Now despite three trips to Cape Town in the last couple of years, it wasn’t until my most recent Continue reading “Snapshot … Boulders Beach”

Snapshot … Angkor Thom

Those of you who have read my post on Project Hammer will know that I’ve been lucky enough to visit Cambodia on a couple of occasions. Now, I struggle to find anything about Cambodia that I don’t like. I just love it there. But the temples of Angkor would have to rate as one of my favourite places in that stunning country. Angkor Thom was the capital was of the Khmer empire, so it contains quite a lot of temples and cities. It’s located near Continue reading “Snapshot … Angkor Thom”