Ypres …

The observant among you will have noticed this post isn’t headed up “Snapshot – Ypres”. That’s because despite having been to Belgium back in 1996, I didn’t visit the city of Ypres (Or Ieper in French). So why am I writing about it? This city is important in the story of who I am. But for a bullet, fired in 1915, I may not be where I am (or perhaps even who I am) today. This post is about how the trajectory of a life and the generations that follow can turn on the smallest of events. Continue reading “Ypres …”

Snapshot – Warsaw

When I was making a list of places I wanted to visit on my trip to Europe last year, Warsaw wasn’t actually on the “must see” pile. It was simply somewhere I was stopping at for a couple of days between Berlin and Krakow. I’m almost ashamed to admit to that now. As it turns out, Warsaw was one of the prettiest cities on the itinerary and I would gladly return.  Continue reading “Snapshot – Warsaw”

Snapshot – Vienna

Vienna – Austria’s capital city and also it’s largest by population, is located in the eastern part of the country. It is without doubt an historic city and the architecture speaks to this lengthy and varied history. It is a city of large scale ornate buildings, statutes and sculptures, palaces and churches. I’ve been a couple of times, I confess I don’t remember much of it from my first trip but I returned in August 2016 so the memory is fresher now. Continue reading “Snapshot – Vienna”

Snapshot – Ossuary at Sedlec

Hmm. I feel it only fair to warn my readers that this blog post may contain images that some might find disturbing. I myself don’t have any issue with what I’m about to show you, I think it’s one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited and I hope that you can put aside any queasiness and just be amazed at the spectacle. I first came across this place while watching a travel show many years ago, so long ago that I could only remember the sight of it not where it was or what it was. Fast forward to August 2016, I’ve arrived in the Czech Republic, specifically Prague, and I’m talking to my guide about things to do while I’m here. A visit to the town of Kutna Hora, located outside Prague is mentioned. Why? Because of the Bone Church … Continue reading “Snapshot – Ossuary at Sedlec”

Snapshot – Cesky Krumlov

I have a confession to make. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post. It’s always hard to pick favourites from the places your travels have taken you, it feels disloyal to all the other wonderful places that have crossed your path. But Cesky Krumlov is a favourite of mine, there’s no denying it, I was captivated by its charm and ease. Continue reading “Snapshot – Cesky Krumlov”

Snapshot – Auschwitz

So. Here am I. Back again to take on the April A-Z Challenge for a second year. I have pretty much been absent from this wonderful blogging community since last year’s challenge, and while I will explain that absence and what I’ve been up to at a later date, this post is all about the first day of the challenge and we are kicking it off with A … and a rather sombre A it is … Auschwitz.

In August last year I did some travelling around Europe on a G Adventures tour. Continue reading “Snapshot – Auschwitz”

Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel

One post on Egypt just wasn’t enough, so following on from my post on the beautiful Island Temple of Isis at Philae, today I’m returning to look back on one of the most spectacular sites I’ve ever visited and the man responsible for it development, Ramses II or Ramses The Great. Born around 1303 BC, Ramses was Pharaoh of Egypt from 1279 BC until his death in 1213 BC. Like most pharaohs he was buried in the Valley of the Kings but his mummified body is housed today in the Cairo Museum. As an aside, if you ever visit Cairo, please don’t miss out on viewing the mummies! I’m no Egyptologist (although I’ll certainly love to work on a dig side over there!) but I believe Ramses was one Continue reading “Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel”

Snapshot … Petra

So it dawns on me this morning that I haven’t written any posts on one of my favourite countries to travel to … Jordan! In 2008 I did a 2-3 week trip to Turkey and followed it up with an 8 day trip to Jordan. For those interested in the itinerary, I did the Jordan Explorer trip offered by Peregrine Adventures. In a word … AWESOME! I loved everything about Jordan, from the landscape to the history to the wonderful people. One of my favourite sites in Jordan is the magnificent ancient city of Petra. Even if you don’t immediately recognise the name, I’m betting any of you that are film-lovers would have seen it. It features in the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Continue reading “Snapshot … Petra”

Snapshot … Kakadu

So here I am in the fourth month of my blogging experience and I realise something. Despite all the travel posts I’ve done, none of them have been about travel at home! What a huge injustice to my beautiful homeland. I’m going to rectify that today by giving you a glimpse into Kakadu National Park. I’ve visited Kakadu a couple of times but my first trip was in 1986, when I was just 9 years old. My parents thought it was important that I experience my own country before venturing Continue reading “Snapshot … Kakadu”

Snapshot – Island Temple of Isis

Are we all ready for another week of A-Z challenge posts? I admit, I’m not … I haven’t started working on this weeks posts as yet (I know, how slack am I?). So … head down and time to write. First post of the challenge week and I’m switching continents and countries again. How’s Egypt sound to everybody?

I went to Egypt back in 1996 as part of a rather large overseas trip. I had graduated from High School in 1995 and was in my first year of a double degree at The University of Sydney Continue reading “Snapshot – Island Temple of Isis”

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