CB&W: Letters W or X

The theme foe Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge this week is Letters W or X. I didn’t have anything that could do for X, so I’ve tried to double up for W. As in, one photo with two W’s in it. So …. here is a winding dirt road through the desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan! One of my favourite places on earth – it’s a landscape photographer’s dream! Continue reading “CB&W: Letters W or X”

Snapshot – Jerash

Switching it up and heading to yet another destination for today’s A-Z Challenge post – Jordan! Specifically the ancient city of Jerash. For those not totally comfortable with their geography, Jordan is located in the Middle East. It shares borders with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine, and looks across the Red Sea to Egypt. And it is without doubt one of my favourite countries to visit – it’s has history to rival Egypt’s, vast and beautiful landscapes, sea frontages, mountains, and some of the most welcoming and hospitable people. Continue reading “Snapshot – Jerash”

Snapshot – Istanbul

Heading off to a completely different corner of the world today – the city of Istanbul in Turkey! This is one of those must see cities of the world. Seriously, it has so much to offer. Located in the north-west of Turkey and encompassing both banks of the Bosphorus River, Istanbul is a city that spans and connects Europe and Asia. Given it’s geographical importance, it should come as no surprise to hear that settlements in the area can be traced back as far as the 7th Century BC!! With such a lengthy past is it no wonder it’s one of the world’s most fascinating places.  Continue reading “Snapshot – Istanbul”

Snapshot – Dubai

Given the amount of travel I’ve been fortunate enough to do, you would think that I would have visited Dubai before. Possibly even numerous times as a stopover on the way to someplace. The reality of living in Australia is that it’s a long flight to get pretty much anywhere, so stopovers are a fact of life. My usual choice is Singapore but on my trip to Europe last year, I thought it was high time I made my debut visit to Dubai. I’ll be totally honest, I don’t do much research into the places I visit. If it wasn’t something already covered during my education, or seen on some travel documentary, then I’m pretty much just going to go by word of mouth about what to do in a particular place. And I went into Dubai fairly blind on that point.  Continue reading “Snapshot – Dubai”

Snapshot … Wadi Rum

Heading back to a country which ranks as one of my favourites today … Jordan. Those of you who read the comments section of my post on the beautiful, ancient rose city of Petra would have noticed that I said Petra is my second favourite spot in Jordan. The first place goes to Wadi Rum. As mentioned previously I spent about 8 days in Jordan in 2008. Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is located in the southwestern corner of Jordan. Continue reading “Snapshot … Wadi Rum”

Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel

One post on Egypt just wasn’t enough, so following on from my post on the beautiful Island Temple of Isis at Philae, today I’m returning to look back on one of the most spectacular sites I’ve ever visited and the man responsible for it development, Ramses II or Ramses The Great. Born around 1303 BC, Ramses was Pharaoh of Egypt from 1279 BC until his death in 1213 BC. Like most pharaohs he was buried in the Valley of the Kings but his mummified body is housed today in the Cairo Museum. As an aside, if you ever visit Cairo, please don’t miss out on viewing the mummies! I’m no Egyptologist (although I’ll certainly love to work on a dig side over there!) but I believe Ramses was one Continue reading “Snapshot … Ramses II and Abu Simbel”

Snapshot … Petra

So it dawns on me this morning that I haven’t written any posts on one of my favourite countries to travel to … Jordan! In 2008 I did a 2-3 week trip to Turkey and followed it up with an 8 day trip to Jordan. For those interested in the itinerary, I did the Jordan Explorer trip offered by Peregrine Adventures. In a word … AWESOME! I loved everything about Jordan, from the landscape to the history to the wonderful people. One of my favourite sites in Jordan is the magnificent ancient city of Petra. Even if you don’t immediately recognise the name, I’m betting any of you that are film-lovers would have seen it. It features in the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Continue reading “Snapshot … Petra”

Snapshot – Island Temple of Isis

Are we all ready for another week of A-Z challenge posts? I admit, I’m not … I haven’t started working on this weeks posts as yet (I know, how slack am I?). So … head down and time to write. First post of the challenge week and I’m switching continents and countries again. How’s Egypt sound to everybody?

I went to Egypt back in 1996 as part of a rather large overseas trip. I had graduated from High School in 1995 and was in my first year of a double degree at The University of Sydney Continue reading “Snapshot – Island Temple of Isis”

Snapshot … Gallipoli

So I’m returning to Turkey for today’s post and to a place that is important, not just to myself, but many Australians, New Zealanders, and Turkish … it’s called Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula. That one sentence will probably say it all to some readers but for those unfamiliar with Gallipoli, I shall explain further. To my New Zealand and Turkish friends, please excuse me if this post focuses a little on my homeland. When the First World War broke out in August 1914, Australia, still considering itself a colony, followed Continue reading “Snapshot … Gallipoli”

Snapshot … Ephesus

Time for a change of travel destination for today’s post … how does Turkey sound? Good? Excellent! I’m glad we all agree. Given that today requires me to write about something starting with E, let’s start at Ephesus. As someone who has a Masters in history, any site, anywhere in the world, that can give me a dose of something historical is going to be on my bucket list. Although, technically speaking, I don’t actually have a bucket list because frankly, anywhere I haven’t been would be on it 🙂 But I digress … Continue reading “Snapshot … Ephesus”

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