Snapshot – Ta Prohm

Well, here we are folks. It’s the final week of the A-Z challenge, and a challenge it has been this year. I’ll confess I’ve struggled with the motivation to write and I’ve often felt like I’m behind and playing catch up. I realise that’s not the case, as I’ve posted on time each day (so far!) but I was far more organised for the 2016 version. So, I’m kicking the final week off with a visit to one of my favourite sites in Cambodia – Ta Prohm. Continue reading “Snapshot – Ta Prohm”

Snapshot – Nitmiluk National Park

So, here we are, already up to the letter “N” in the A-Z Challenge for 2017 and once again I have left it to late to write a post about my homeland, Australia. There’s no real reason why I typically don’t write much about home, it’s certainly not from a lack of things to talk about … this is an enormous country, with so much to offer it would take you months if not years to make a dent in all it offers. I make no apologies for saying that I’m fiercely proud to be an Australian and am fully prepared to acknowledge my total and utter biased in thinking it’s the most magnificent & beautiful country. I do love it. Continue reading “Snapshot – Nitmiluk National Park”

Snapshot – Fish River Canyon

Sticking with Africa for today’s A to Z Challenge post. Heading south from where we were yesterday, we arrive in Namibia. Hands down, without question, Namibia is one of my favourite countries … I’ve already written about my three favourite places in Namibia if you’d care to follow the links and find out why 🙂 . It has a wealth of things to offer visitors – from the wildlife of Etosha National Park, to the desert landscapes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, and the coastal waters of the adventure capital Swakopmund. But further south still is Fish River Canyon. Continue reading “Snapshot – Fish River Canyon”

Nature at her best

Oops! I’m a day behind on my A-Z Challenge post for the letter N! I had intended to write it yesterday – honest! As it turns out, I ran out of time. I went to visit one of my dearest friends yesterday morning for breakfast. Arriving at 9am, the idea was breakfast with her and her three children and a bit of house hunting …. fast forward and next thing I know I’m only just arriving back home at 10pm. Long breakfast!

Anyway, moving right along. Instead of doing one of my usual travel snapshots I thought I’d do a more general post highlighting the beauty of nature, from a photographic Continue reading “Nature at her best”

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