On the subject of Selfies

So. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while. The selfie craze. I had hoped it was a passing fad like the planking phase (I’m sure we all remember that one) but it appears the selfie is here to stay. Much to my chagrin. I’ll confess right now, I’m not a fan. They are a pet hate. I’d rather have root canal surgery, and the hefty bill that comes with it, than see my Instagram feed filled with selfies. Perhaps I’m missing something because I just don’t get the compulsion to take endless photos of myself. Continue reading “On the subject of Selfies”

On the subject of LOL

So I’ve been laying here for hours now pondering on that one little, overused word … “LOL”. Now I might be showing my age here but I remember when LOL was born. It stood for “lots of love” and adorned many a letter or card between friends and family. For better or worse, that meaning is considered old school now. Funnily enough, I have an old school friend (pun intended) who still signs her emails to me with the “lots of love” acronym. But she is a rare-breed, a lone voice of defiance in a world where LOL has come to mean “lots of laughs” and is more prolific than a bunch of 20-something’s on a Saturday night.

But here’s the thing about LOL. Continue reading “On the subject of LOL”