Snapshot – Mekong

After the little surprise yesterday of a post not based on a travel destination, I’m returning today to another snapshot. I started this A-Z Challenge blogging week with the letter “H” and an insight into a few Vietnamese cities, so I thought it would be a touch of symmetry to end it back in Vietnam. When it comes to bodies of water in Vietnam, most people will probably think of beautiful, relaxing, calming Halong Bay in the north (wow … I could’ve added that to H as well!). But I’m heading south, I want to take a look at the Mekong River and whats on offer there. Continue reading “Snapshot – Mekong”

Snapshot – Ho Chi Minh City, Hue & Hoi An

As you, my lovely readers, will be able to tell from the title of this post … I was suffering from a bout of total indecision today about which location to write about. So, I’m doing a brief outline of all three of these wonderful Vietnamese cities. In reality, I could’ve been writing about four Vietnamese cities but I already did Hanoi for the 2016 A-Z Challenge (in case you’re keen to check out Vietnam’s capital city Snapshot – Hanoi). I absolutely love Vietnam, it’s history and culture, the incredible food and the welcoming people, the beautiful and varied landscapes. I could rave all day about it. So, let’s get straight into it! Continue reading “Snapshot – Ho Chi Minh City, Hue & Hoi An”

Snapshot … Mai Chau

I’m returning to Vietnam for today’s travel snapshot, specifically to a little known place called Mai Chau. And unfortunately as I’m pressed for time today, this will be a short oneĀ (apologies!). Mai Chau is located in the north-west of Vietnam and is about 150km inland from the capital city of Hanoi, so by road it would take you a few hours to get there. If you’re visiting Vietnam and are pressed for time but want to see as much of the country as possible, it’s unlikely the Mai Chau will figure on any of the Continue reading “Snapshot … Mai Chau”

Snapshot … Hanoi

Well, it’s day 8 of the A-Z Challenge and the letter of the day is H. I had a few options for H … Heidelberg, Hong Kong, Hue or Hoi An (one of my favourite places anywhere in the world) were all in the running. But I’ve opted for Hanoi, Vietnam’s beautiful and vibrant capital. Despite being around for over 1000 years, Hanoi wasn’t always the capital. At different periods in Vietnam’s history, both Hue and Saigon were considered capitals. It has to be said though, all this capital swapping was not the work of the Vietnamese. Vietnam has had a tough time when it comes to the influence of foreign countries – it was Continue reading “Snapshot … Hanoi”

Dance … the other universal language?

So I was originally going to do another travel Snapshot today for the A-Z Challenge (I was thinking about posting on DaNang in Vietnam) but then whilst flipping through my travel photos I started to notice something else … videos! For some reason I always skip over the videos. Which is ridiculous … I’ve watched so many today and they have transported me back to that time and place in a way the photos just can’t. I confess, its got me a little teary and emotional (in a good way, don’t worry!) reminiscing about some great experiences. Continue reading “Dance … the other universal language?”