Guests at a bush BBQ

Today’s post for the A-Z Challenge is a little different. I’m not taking us to a location starting with “G” as I’ve done with the previous letters. I’m going to tell you a story about some memorable guests on an African safari in late August 2015. My friend Geraint & I were staying at nThambo Tree Camp in the Klaserie Private Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa. This amazing treehouse style lodge is one of the few places he & I will be returning to on our upcoming trip in August this year … that should give you a hint at how wonderful this particular safari lodge is! It was our fourth night of safari and as is normal practice we set out for our late afternoon game drive around 4pm. Continue reading “Guests at a bush BBQ”

Snapshot – Elephant Sands

Those who have read my posts from last year will have picked up that I have an affinity for Africa, particularly the Southern African countries like South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. In fact, I shall be returning again to South Africa in a few months time with my friend Geraint for a most epic safari (feel free to hit the link & check out his blog!). But today’s A-Z Challenge post is taking us back to Botswana, specifically to the north-eastern section of the country and a safari lodge called Elephant Sands. I was fortunate enough to spend one night there in 2013 and it was, in a word, memorable. Continue reading “Snapshot – Elephant Sands”

Snapshot – Etosha

Following on from my previous post on Kruger, I figured it would be fun to showcase another National Park. This time it’s Etosha in Namibia. Like Kruger, I’ve also visited Etosha on two occasions. My first trip was in August 2014 and then I returned in January 2015. It was quite interesting to see this place in two different seasons as the landscape changes quite noticeably. Both visits to the park were done while on a small group Continue reading “Snapshot – Etosha”

Snapshot – Kruger

Time for another travel snapshot! And this one is going to be fairly photo heavy. I recently read a post by my friend, Niki, entitled¬†Dream Destination¬†and it got me thinking about one of my dream destinations. It’s a place I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited a couple of times and I’m always looking for the next opportunity to return. It’s Kruger National Park (or more specifically Greater Kruger) in South Africa. My first visit there was Continue reading “Snapshot – Kruger”

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