CB&W: Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

I haven’t written for a long time but I happened to stumble across Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge for this week and the theme grabbed my attention. So, here’s an entry or three for Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles. Taken in 2015 in a little town call Solitaire in the middle of nowhere in Namibia. There are a plethora of abandoned old vehicles in Solitaire … some of which have quiver trees sprouting up through their rusty old skeletons. It’s a unique little stop over in the middle of the vast landscape of Namibia, and it has the best bakery for those looking for a tasty lunch break!

Welcome to Solitaire
A prickly situation …
Quiver Tree grows through the old car

15 thoughts on “CB&W: Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles”

  1. Long time no see. Or read. Or indulge in your photography I wouldn’t expect to see these scenes in the African desert! We’ve seen similar abandoned old cars in the US desert, but none with trees growing through them. 🙂 Great shots, Kim!

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    1. Haha! It’s been a long time indeed, Liesbet. I’ve decided to stop putting pressure on myself to feel like I should be writing and just post when I feel like it. I can imagine similar scenes in the US deserts … Haven’t seen them myself, but I haven’t been back to the US since I was a kid. 🙂

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    1. Hi Anne! No bad experiences at all. I love SA and we had an incredible fortnight there in August. I will try to write up some posts about the reserves we stayed in and upload some photographs 😀 Hope you’ve been well?

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      1. Ah, happy to hear. ☺ I’m looking forward to your posts. Life has improved and although busier, I seem to be handling stuff well. 😃 Thank you. Take care. Much love and hugs. 🤗❤

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