CB&W: Letters O or P

Well, I haven’t done one of these for a while but I’ve been dying to get back into it. So here goes! This week’s photo challenge for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is the letters O or P. I’m going with O … for Opera House. My home town of Sydney has a pretty iconic and certainly unique looking opera house. Located on the water, nearby to the Harbour Bridge, it has been a focal point of this harbourside city since it’s construction ended in 1973 (construction started in 1959!). The opera house is made out of a combination of concrete, glass and pink granite but the most striking feature are it’s white tiled “sails”.

A cloudy overcast day on Sydney Harbour
Getting a little artistic – the sails of the Opera House with the Harbour Bridge in the background
A different view of the Sydney Opera House

16 thoughts on “CB&W: Letters O or P”

      1. Just on the flat, though my companions talked about going to the top. My first night there I got lost and somehow ended up at the harbour, and took the ferry to Manly, where I was staying. Fun times, really…

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      2. The ferry ride across the harbour is lovely. Certainly a nicer commute that catching the buses or braving traffic. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit, John … even getting lost has its moments 🙂


  1. I lived in Sydney for three years and never got tired of this view. Love how much a part of every day life the opera house is, and I’ve even slept in the steps during the winter sleepout. Great images.

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